MIMS Final Project 2005

Uhle Collections @Berkeley


The Uhle Collections @Berkeley is a digital archive and web-based interface to a valuable collection of Peruvian artifacts excavated by the archaeologist Max Uhle at the turn of the century. These artifacts are critical to Peruvian and South American archaeology, but access to the physical collection is extremely limited; other forms of access are urgently needed.

This project takes the diverse Uhle materials and links them together into a cohesive digital collection for use by archaeologists and archaeology students, using an XML dataset which supports multiple permutations of Boolean queries. The system allows researchers to view and compare artifacts, locate materials related to specific artifacts and sites, and prepare for research with the physical collection. Our interface allows users to search or browse artifacts by attributes such as keyword, artifact type, materials, location, and time period, as well as navigate via a geographic interface.

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October 7, 2016