MIMS Final Project 2005



At SIMS, and indeed across a variety of academic environments, group projects are common. However, the large number of complicating factors involved in starting group projects often leads to great inefficiencies and unnecessary pains. Forming a group and/or choosing a project, finding the right partners, sharing project ideas and interests, choosing a project advisor, and finding project sponsors can all be difficult and thorny tasks.

To meet this challenge, we have developed ProjectPeopleMatch. ProjectPeopleMatch is a web-based tool which allows SIMS students to set up groups, find and then invite others to join their groups, post/express interest in/take project ideas, and find sponsors and advisors for projects. In addition to searching, the tool generates ranked recommendations of the ideal group partners for each user, based on an algorithm developed from a survey we conducted to capture the important criteria for a successful project experience.

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October 7, 2016