MIMS Final Project 2004

Paparazzi: A Blog Conversation Search Media Tool


Blog conversations occur daily across the internet, though those conversations of interest and relevance are difficult to find in a timely way, partly because search tools such as Google index information weeks after posting, and partly because the page rank algorithm means that even if a relevant post is found, the corresponding conversation between several bloggers may not be found. Even upon finding these conversations, they are difficult to see visually, either as a threaded discussion or as a cluster of comments that may occur in the main posts, or in comments below posts or via trackback. Paparazzi attempts to make clear those conversations relevant in particular topic areas, demonstrate authority of bloggers as other users have found them relevant, and to create context around those conversations by including blog authority as well as the traditional media that blogs often point to for sourcing.

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October 7, 2016