2019 MIMS Final Project Judges

Session 1

Andrea Angquist (MIMS 2013)
Product Designer

Andrea Angquist is a designer living and working in the Bay Area.  She currently works as a Product Designer at a large Silicon Valley tech company on consumer video products. Prior to that, she worked for Pivotal, where she consulted with companies such as Nissan, Walker & Co., Mercedes Benz and Tesla to help them design and launch digital products and services. She has designed web, mobile, large screen and watch products across many industries including healthcare, automotive, supply chain, analytics and consumer goods.

Andrea graduated from the MIMS program in 2013. Previously, she graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s in Economics.

Michael Manoochehri (MIMS 2010)
CTO and Co-founder, Switchboard

Michael Manoochehri is the CTO and co-founder of Switchboard, a data ops platform used by digital media companies like the Financial Times, Meredith and the Atlantic. Previously, Manoochehri was a member of Google’s Cloud Platform team, focusing on analytics tools such as BigQuery. He is the author of Addison-Wesley's Data Just Right: Introduction to Large-Scale Data & Analytics. Manoochehri has given talks at data and ad-tech conferences such as Google I/O, Strata and Programmatic I/O, and has written for the tech blog ProgrammableWeb.com. Michael holds a master’s degree in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley’s School of Information.

Karen Rustad Tölva (MIMS 2012)
Software Engineer, Upstart

Karen Rustad Tölva is a UX-oriented frontend engineer at machine-learning fintech company Upstart. Previous employers include a small security-oriented startup called AeroFS and the construction tech company PlanGrid, recently acquired by Autodesk. Prior to enrolling at the School of Information, she studied media studies for her Bachelor’s degree from Scripps College and was part of the founding team of OpenHatch, an open source software community-building non-profit. Karen has a lengthy history in the free culture and free software worlds; currently she contributes design work to the Rust project, including the cover art on the book The Rust Programming Language. Her MIMS capstone project was a citator for the Free Law Project’s CourtListener.

Session 2

Shubham Goel (MIMS 2015)
Machine Learning Manager, Autodesk

Shubham Goel has a background in engineering research and development. As a Machine Learning Manager at Autodesk, he is leading Autodesk's applied AI effort for the construction industry. He is driving the machine learning strategy and execution plan to deliver the company’s first AI product, Construction IQ. His team is leveraging state of the art natural language processing techniques to train production-ready machine learning models. In the past, he has worked on India's first nano-satellite, built an online taxi cab service and led a research team to develop a first of its kind railway safety device. In his free time he enjoys reading and 3D printing.

Rachel Hollowgrass
UX Researcher and Designer, UC Berkeley

Rachel Hollowgrass is a UX researcher and designer for CalCentral and other information systems at UC Berkeley, as well as tools for climate research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Rachel has contributed to consumer applications at Apple, interactive curricula at Stanford, and information systems at Kaiser Permanente. She has been an academic lecturer at the School of Information and the department of Computer Science at UC Berkeley in usability and prototyping.

Ljuba Youngblom (MIMS 2010)
Co-founder, Hometown

Ljuba Youngblom is a product designer, product manager, and entrepreneur. He worked at the UX design consultancy Adaptive Path before co-founding Automatic where he held many roles, including head of Product and Design. After six years and a successful acquisition, he left and spent five months in the Balkans mentoring students, entrepreneurs, and startups. This year he co-founded a non-profit startup called Hometown that encourages local civic participation through local journalism.

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