5th Year MIDS Capstone Projects: 2022

GardenGuru provides you with plant recommendations based on a picture of the soil you plan to start with.
A platform that helps users navigate their mental health journey and enhance their self-reflection by analyzing their journal entries.
ScreenBook web extension logo and text reading: "Content Warning: This site may contain suicidal content." followed by a green button with the prompt "View anyway?""
A web extension that helps users navigate the Internet safely and on their own terms by empowering them to moderate content consumed online.
Provides Twitter users a tone breakdown of their tweets through data visualizations to bring awareness to online hate speech and reduce online harm.
Picture of a raging crown fire
Use satellite images to calculate historical burn severity and build a regression model predicting potential severity of any new wildfire
Mass detection using chest X-ray images that helps doctors diagnose any patient anywhere, and is easy for patients to understand