Tori Davis

Alumni (MIDS 2023)


Mechanical Engineer looking to develop the skills necessary to make data driven solutions and convey results in a logical and easily consumable manner.


Data Science


I completed my undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering, where I took any opportunity possible to hone my coding skills - whether that was through a creative class assignment or volunteering to be the coder in group projects. I found that after undergrad, I was not seeing the same opportunities to code and use data in my career. I joined the MIDS program with the intention of redirecting my career to allow for more data analytics. I want to leverage my knowledge and experience with hardware and use the skills that I develop through this program to propel my career by showing that I am capable of making logical, data driven solutions. I have succeeded in this goal so far by landing my current role as a Project Manager for a data science team within my company.

Last updated:

September 25, 2023