Tony Di Sera

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


I work in a computational biology lab where I develop web applications for clinicians to analyze genomic data in precision medicine. My current focus is real-time genomic analysis and data viz.


Data Science
Project Management


I have worked as a software developer for 20+ years.  My first job was in Sacramento CA with Intel during the booming mid 80s and early 90s.  After that, I moved to Salt Lake City Utah.  My first dream job was working on the Human Genome Project in an academic lab at the University of Utah.  Here I could combine my love of biology with my love of software.  Once I got a taste of this, I never looked back.  I spent 10 years working at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, developing a laboratory management system and genomic data repository.  Four years ago, I  joined a computational biology lab at the University of Utah, working on real-time analysis (cloud-based) and web-based visualizations (D3).  This job challenges and rewards me in ways I never imagined.  I work on a multi-disciplinary team with a great group of people.  Working in the lab has allowed me to learn about many fascinating bioinformatics projects — problems that demand rigorous statistical approaches, innovative algorithms, and large-scale data processing.  I hope to gain insights and expertise in these areas through the MIDS program at UC Berkeley.

Last updated:

September 23, 2023