Tamar Brand-Perez

MIDS Student


Physical therapist, university professor, interested in the application of data science to enhance health outcomes.


Worked as a physical therapist in multiple settings, currently teaching kinesiology and biomechanics, and engaged in biomechanics research. Research includes gait analysis, specifically use of mobile technology (currently IMU's) to quantify and provide feedback to improve gait. Research projects populations so far included able bodied adults who presented with reduced knee flexion during loading response, as well as above knee amputees. Amputees were evaluated for amount of hip extension during terminal stance. Feedback for gait deviations was provided to improve gait mechanics. Also engaged in shoulder rehabilitation protocol research. 

Hoping to improve my ability to manipulate the vast amounts of data collected in these types of research to improve patient outcomes. 

Hoping to connect PT's with technology and to support development of high quality technological solutions for patients. 

Last updated:

April 18, 2024