Sumedh Shah

MIDS Student


Data Science
Product Management


Graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin. While I primarily focused on communications, networks, and systems, my coursework also provided me a solid foundation in programming and data structures. I currently work as a data engineer in AT&T’s Chief Data Office, focusing on projects related to 5G user experience and customer mobility churn. I have a demonstrated history in system engineering, process automation, wireless engineering, and data analytics. I thrive on reducing cycle times and softening my teammates' workload through automation and thus improving work processes in the long run. I rely on my strong interpersonal skills, willingness to learn, and attention to detail to deliver solutions that are best suited for my team.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Data Science with UC Berkeley and looking to pivot further into the data science field and focus on testing and validation of new technology through data-driven insights. My first role as a system engineer within AT&T’s Technology Operations department sparked my interest in this field as my work ranged from process improvement and automation of AT&T’s voice service to development of policies that more quickly diagnose operation teams’ trouble tickets, reducing their ticket volume. With this type of exposure and recent domain knowledge gained from densifying our local LTE/5G network, I ultimately became intrigued by how we could most efficiently and ethically leverage available data to generate better insights in managing our global network. Looking to also potentially venture into the consulting realm and empower different companies with custom-made data science solutions and assist relevant parties in making data-driven decisions.

Last updated:

September 22, 2023