Steve Dille

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


As a B2B software industry executive, my focus is in learning how to better apply data science to AI and machine learning oriented software products.


Business Strategy
Data Science
Product Management


As a B2B software CMO, I recognize the transition to data-driven marketing.  My focus is in applying data in innovative ways to the entire customer journey - from predictive analytics for targeting, AI-driven customer engagement and ROI-driven campaign attribution.  This is what brings me to the Berkeley MIDS program.

Throughout my career, I have been a marketing leader who partners with CEOs to propel recognized enterprise brands: Sybase, Morgan Stanley (MSCI) and VC-backed startups. I consistently grew revenues through branding, insightful target market expansion and spearheading go-to-market strategy based on fluency with technical products, customer insights and analytics. I've mobilized company-wide launches, initiatives and teams with hundreds of professionals and inspired customer-centric marketing, product development and sales. I'm pleased to have been a true game-changer at several past companies where I set the stage for exponential revenue growth, an IPO and 5 successful exits. 

Education wise I have earned an MBA from Chicago Booth and my undergraduate BS degree in computer science from The University of Pittsburgh where I grew up.  I'm proud to add Berkeley to my university affiliations.