Stefanie Hutka



User Experience Design, Research & Strategy


I'm an Oakland-based design research leader specializing in emerging technologies. I've led research for numerous 0 to 1 product launches in spatial computing (AR/VR/3D), including Adobe Aero, Adobe Substance 3D Suite, and Meta Quest 3. I established the design research function at AR start-up, DAQRI, leading the company’s first case studies on in-field use of enterprise AR hardware and software. In Fall 2023, I founded my own design research practice, Sendfull, helping teams accelerate new product development at the intersection of spatial computing and AI.

I’ve published 15 peer-reviewed articles, hold several patents on AR and brain-computer interfaces, and have delivered 30+ presentations to industry, academic, and public audiences. Passionate about teaching, I’ve designed and taught user experience research curriculum for product teams and academia.

I hold a PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto, focusing on auditory cognitive neuroscience. I apply this background to inform neuroscience-based principles for multi-modal XR design.

Before UX and neuroscience came music. I hold an Associate Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in violin performance - a background that was the impetus for studying human perception and cognition. In my spare time, you can find me jamming on anything with strings, composing, or running big miles on trails.