Stanley Yin (UC Berkeley Master of Information and Data Science)

Stanley Yin

MIDS Student


Data science and artificial intelligence for public policy and decision-making


Business Strategy
Data Science


Based in sunny Singapore.

I work as a Senior Data Scientist at the Housing and Development Board (HDB), where I specialize in advanced spatial analytics and visualisation. My work includes the development of a national public transport travel time simulation model, and predictive analytics to right-size the number of parking spaces at public flats. 

In between my time at HDB, I joined LinkedIn as a Data Scientist under a government tech attachment program. At LinkedIn, I furthered the development of an R Shiny data platform that enables LinkedIn's partners to rapidly access reliable bread-and-butter metrics that shed light on the state of the economy.

In my free time, I love going on walks and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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June 19, 2024