Soumya Sen

Alumni (Attendee)


Advanced Analytics and Data visualization, Lending, Payments, Fraud and Risk, Peer to Peer and Crowdsourced Models, Digital Banking Transformations, Program Management and Business Model Development


I specialize at the intersection of Finance , Technology and Strategic Consulting. Deep interest and expertise from Finance perspective lies in Payments, Lending ( with special focus on Alternative Lending), Peer to Peer and Crowdsourced Models,  Consumer Banking Transformation, Digital Banking etc. From Datascience perspective, specializes in Advanced Analytics and creation of usecases based on Analytics. Expertise in Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning Technologies, Data visualization and the whole gamut of Datasciences. Other interest lies in creating business models leveraging analytics and digital technologies as enabler and disruptors.  Speaker and Panel Member at industry leading conferences like American Banker etc.

Last updated:

September 26, 2023