Shubham Roy

MIMS Student 2024


Product Management in AI/ML space


Hello everyone! Shubham here, from India. 
My professional experience over the last three years stretches across B2C as well as B2B(platform) Product Management in Telecommunication, Edu-tech, and Fin-tech domain for Bain & Company, Byju’s, and Zeta, respectively. Currently, at Zeta, I am leading prepaid card products for India’s biggest retail bank, contactless payments for Xiaomi smart-bands, and credit card products for one of the Top 3 banks in the United States. Previously, at Byju’s, I was a part of the zero-to-one launch of the coding-for-kids boom in India. Beyond my Product Management career, I founded "An Ivy Dream" one and a half years ago with a mission of helping under-served aspirants in their journey towards higher education in the US. 

At MIMS Berkely, I want to further boost my Product Management skills by designing data-driven personalization and targeting algorithms that are inclusive of every stratum of society- the tribal communities at my hometown in Jharkhand do not resonate with Amazon's “add to cart”. I’ll look forward to all the courses which contribute to this goal of mine. 

Beyond indulging in products, I am a part-time digital illustrator, a tea addict, a potter-head who loves brush-calligraphy and sketching portraits!

Last updated:

March 21, 2023