Saru Mehta

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


I have an interest in discovering hidden trends and patterns in unstructured data and answering important questions that would potentially make a significant difference to people at large.


Hello Everybody,

My name is Saru Mehta and I am currently in the May 2015 Cohort. I think my past is interesting and a bit untraditional to some. After I completed my undergraduate degree in Genetics at UC Davis, I soon realized my real passion for computer science. The only problem was that I never programmed before nor was required to even use a computer application other Word or Excel. Fortunately, I used my strengths in logical analysis and mathematics to give me the eagerness and motivation to do a PostBac in Computer Science. After taking core computer science classes and working as a web developer for a startup educational company, I further realized that I was missing one important skill- the ability to use software tools to organize raw data and answer specific questions about the given input. I strongly believe that the skills I acquire in the MIDS program will help me to bridge the gap in computer science and any field that collects and/or makes decisions based on their data findings.



Last updated:

December 4, 2023