Richmond Wong

PhD Student


Critical Design, Values in Design, Privacy, Science & Technology Studies, Human-Computer Interaction


Information Policy
User Experience Design & Research


Richmond Wong is a PhD student at the UC Berkeley School of Information in the BioSense group where he is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellow and a Berkeley Fellowship recipient. His research focuses on the ways that new and emerging technologies are imagined through public discourse, cultural media, and policymaking processes. He studies how these imaginings and stories about technology anticipate and speculative sociotechnical futures, and what the implications are for law and policy, as well as design. His current work investigates these themes in the relation to augmented reality devices, bodily sensors, and drones. 

His current and prior work has brought together perspectives from a wide variety of fields, including human computer interaction, privacy, cybersecurity, public policy, science and technology studies, values in design, and speculative and critical design. 

Before coming to Berkeley, Richmond graduated from Cornell University where he obtained bachelor's degrees Information Science and in Science & Technology Studies. 

(For a list of publications and my CV, please see my website for more information.)

Last updated:

January 23, 2018