Richard Cziva

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Computer Networks


I spent my entire professional life in research and development of computer networks and "The Internet". I work as an engineer at a hyperscaler in the Bay Area where we plan, build and operate networks on a global scale (hence the name "hyperscaler" :)).

I have a PhD in CS that I got in the UK (in the wonderful city of Glasgow, Scotland) looking at Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN). That was followed by 5 years of R&D at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where I looked at data-plane programming and network telemetry with lot of applications to network security (e.g., for DDoS detection that we cover in class as well).

I teach Network Security since 2021 and we cover the cornerstones of Cyber Security in that class. I truly believe this is one of the most important topics we have in the program. My classes are fairly technical and challenging, yet they are fun at the same time (according to previous students). I like to have random discussions on Internet history (you won't believe how many network technologies originate from Berkeley), recent news, interview tips, my hotel's wifi while traveling, you name it... 

Hope to see you in my section soon! Cheers!

Last updated:

June 21, 2024