Randy Moran

MIDS Student


Data Science practices into Title Insurance


Data Science


Born north of Seattle, WA.

Undergrad a long time ago at Western Washington Univ.

After graduating, I joined EDS SED program and moved to Denver/Boulder, CO.  FYI, Boulder is a great place to live.  While with EDS, I moved between accounts and thus various technical opportunities and locations. Ultimately, I ended up back in the NW at Poulsbo Resource Center, where my last project  was developing the FIDS (Flight Info Display Sys) for McCarran Airport (LAS).   Note: ported it to the Bellagio for conference displays in less then 4 weeks.

I moved to a content management company (Vignette) during the Dotcom era.  I consider it to be a privilege to part of some booms and busts (ex. HomeGrocer).  Ultimately, Vignette contracted back to Austin and was bought by OpenText.  It was a fun and eye-opening time.

I have moved on to a couple companies since that era, Cobalt Group, which consisted of Dealer Tools (Websites ~15k, Lead Mgmt ~9k, etc), and Assurz (Purchase Guarantee Insurance).

I am now working for Investors Title, a title insurance underwriter based in NC.  Over the past 6 years, we have replaced/upgraded every legacy system and application.  We are now able move into new and interesting funcitonality.

I have a wife and two kids.  I am getting back in school as they are graduating (Appalachian State and UNC Wilmington).      

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March 6, 2021