Pradipta Ariyo Bhaskoro Hendri

Alumni (MIDS 2018)


Statistical Learning and Information Retrieval with a hint of Information Security and Crowdsourcing


My name is Bas Hendri. I currently work on the Face Understanding team within Microsoft Analog. Our team's flagship product, facial recognition in Windows Hello, is one of the best reasons to use Windows, so make sure to try it out! My work revolves around productizing the latest and greatest in computer vision and machine learning advances to help millions keep their data safe and accessible through convenient and secure biometry. My past experiences include Operating System Quality Engineering for hardware physical sensors in Windows Machine, one of the earliest Data Scientists for Freelancer.com, and co-engineering software with Environment and Entomology (now Biosecurity) divisions of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia.

Before the University of California, Berkeley MIDS program, I also went for graduate study in Computer Science and Statistics at Stanford University. I hold Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Melbourne, Australia with Concurrent Diploma in Mathematical Sciences focusing on Statistics and Stochastic Systems. In the MIDS program I aspire to be exploring Statistical Learning and Information Retrieval topics among other interests.

If you are doing something exciting with Computer Vision, Deep Neural Network, Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, Information Retrieval, or Cryptography with applications in humanitarian causes, biometry, natural user interface, crowdsourcing, or secure information retrieval, please let me know all about it, and definitely do let me know how I can help!

Last updated:

June 12, 2024