Poonam Parhar

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Learn the essential technical skills to build new innovative products that leverage the huge amount of data that software applications produce, and improve the way we develop, deploy and troubleshoot these applications in production environments. My focus is also on enhancing my communication skills so as to be able to effectively communicate the need for new innovation, new insights derived from data and the solutions that would help address those needs.


Software Development


I am a Consulting Member of Technical Staff in the JVM Sustaining Engineering group at Oracle where we strive hard to resolve customer reported problems against the Java Virtual Machine products of the Oracle Java Platform. Before Oracle, I worked at Sun Microsystems in a similar group supporting and sustaining several Java releases. I love debugging and troubleshooting problems, and always try to find opportunities to enhance the serviceability and supportability of the JVM product. In an attempt to help our customers and the Java community, I share my troubleshooting and debugging experiences through the blog that I maintain here: https://blogs.oracle.com/poonam/. I have had the honor of being a co-author of the book ‘Java Performance Companion’.