Param Viswanathan

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Master the concepts of Data Science and apply it in the real world


Data Science
Software Development


I am a server side software architect who is passionate about building products that can make a difference. I have worked at various startups such as Zuora Inc, Emptoris and am currently working at Fortella Inc.

My current role as Chief Architect for Fortella Inc has the responsibility for the overall architecture of the product focusing on Marketing Analytics for B2B. I have built complex reporting solutions to provide insight to our customers to run their business. I am currently using algorithms on our customers data to help them define effective marketing campaigns.

I am currently enrolled in the Data Science program at the I School of Inforrmation to master the concepts and be able to build products that can provide better insights for the customer.

My hobbies are running, hiking and traveling

Last updated:

December 3, 2023