Natarajan Krishnaswami

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


Interested in potential of data science to improve quality of life, esp. for the most marginalized; particularly making open data useful to its subject communities.


Proud New Yorker!

My main CS interests are software performance and scalability, and IR algorithms.

My main mathematical interest is analysis, particularly harmonic analysis (in the broadest sense); in data science, this translates to problems involving time series analysis and others amenable to spectral methods.

Service-wise, I've been a Lesbians Who Tech Technology & Innovation Fellow twice, first on the #transneeds project to understand how the federal government can better serve the transgender community, and subsequently on Eviction& to analyze the spatial and temporal patterns of evictions in Houston in order to figure out how best to distribute grants to help people stay in their homes.

Career-wise, I've been at Google since 2017 working on public statistics in search, making economic and demographic indicators easy to find and explore/visualize.  Before that, I worked at Bloomberg LP for 7 years on SOA app dev for portfolio analytics software. Prior to that, I was at IBM for 12 years, working primarily on software portability.

Last updated:

October 24, 2021