Natarajan Krishnaswami

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


Data science has great potential to improve quality of life, esp. for the most marginalized. MIDS stood out for teaching legal/policy/ethical considerations: the focus is on more than tech here.


My main CS interests are software performance and scalability, and IR algorithms. The latter has just recently taken a turn into computational biology, particularly for cancer. 

My main mathematical interest is harmonic analysis in the broadest sense; in data science, this translates to problems involving time series analysis and others amenable to spectral methods.

I'm proud to call New York City home, and live right in the heart of the Theatre District. This suits me well, since after work and classwork, my leisure time is spent in books and playhouses.

Service-wise, I attended the White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit in August 2015, and my workgroup is tasked with researching a set of policy recommendations for transgender inclusion for the US Chief Data Scientist.

Career-wise, I've worked at Bloomberg LP since 2010, primarily on financial portfolio analytics software on mid-stack integration, the intraday returns sub-app, and now security classifications/grouping system. Prior to that, I was at IBM for 12 years, working primarily on software portability; POSIX, C, C++, and OpenCL run-time implementation; and name analytics software.

Last updated:

March 25, 2019