Natalie Cadranel

Alumni (MIMS 2013)


Participatory Archives, Next Generation News, Cryptographic UX, Privacy and Information Policy, Community-Based Participatory Research


Information Architecture
Product Management
User Experience Design & Research


With support from the Knight Prototype Fund and others, Natalie created OpenArchive, a free, open-source project for those managing sensitive mobile media. Leveraging the efforts of the Internet Archive, Tor, the Guardian Project, and Creative Commons, this media ecosystem gives history's first responders agency over their narrative by ensuring media is secure, distributed, authenticated, and will be preserved and accessible to human rights defenders and others in the future. The project builds on her research and work to improve technology at the intersection of civil liberties, accessibility, and long term preservation of audiovisual mobile media. While at the I School, she worked with Meedan and Common Crawl to expand the reach and use of fact-checking and open knowledge tools for journalists and scholars, respectively. Some of this research is documented in her published paper: Preserving Mobilised Culture.

For the last decade, she shaped initiatives dedicated to improving access to information in roles ranging from program director to operations, development, and technology consultant for social and environmental justice organizations. Formerly, she was an advisory board member of the film archive, iotaCenter, a journalist with the IndyBay chapter of IndyMedia, and lead media reform efforts while finishing her BA in International Relations at UC Davis.

She volunteers with community archives, media justice, and grassroots bicycling advocacy organizations whenever she can.


Last updated:

March 3, 2024