Mitchel Engelking

MIDS Student


Developing technical competencies in advanced analytics & machine learning to improve financial decision-making and predictability


Business Strategy
Data Science


As a financial analyst at Chevron Corporation, my primary responsibility is to create value through decision-making by providing quality, data-driven business insights. 

Our Finance function is just scratching the surface of data science tools and advanced analytics technology, which could improve efficiency, predictability, and accuracy of financial analysis. My goal in MIDS is to become a technically competent data scientist, while leveraging my foundational financial acumen, to shepherd digital solutions into our key financial processes.

I am interested in big data, machine learning, and automation. I am also interested in natural language processing and voice-enabled, self-service interfaces for accessing financial or other business data to develop insights and enhance decision-making. My personal interests in Data Science are focused in artificial intelligence and human consciousness. 

Last updated:

September 18, 2020