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Marguerite Oneto

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


I started in the MIDS program in September 2014. My main areas of interest include machine learning and working with big data.


Data Science
Product Management


I am what is now called a Data Scientist.  I have a background in data mining and predictive modeling.

During my professional career, I have used data and statistics to help banks fight fraud, to help banks manage credit risk, to help clients optimize their marketing campaigns, and to help investment management firms build hedge funds.

I honed my communication skills while teaching Economics at the university level. 

As a data scientist, my interests lie in machine learning and working with big data.

I have Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Political Economy from UC Berkeley, as well as a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

I enjoy outdoor activities, including running, cross country skiing, and rock climbing.  I love to read, play the piano, travel, and watch the San Francisco Giants play baseball.

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May 27, 2024