Luis Delgado

Luis Delgado

MIDS Student


To make Data Science a focus of Non-data native Corporate/Government decision making.


Business Strategy
Data Science
Information Policy
Project Management


My background is as a Navy fighter pilot.  I regularly brief decision makers on strategic personnel courses of action affecting Navy and Marine Corps Aviation future goals centered 5-7 years downrange.  A large number of those decisions are made with limited data.  My goal is to use data science concepts and tools to make more intelligent/informed decisions.

In the future, my goal is to develop a mindset and structure to enable non-data native companies and non-profit organizations to make better decisions.  

My strengths lie in a diverse career with a focus on clear, concise, and persuasive briefing, planning, and mission execution.  The areas of focus I am developing at the Berkeley School of Information are the technical and theoretical data science concepts.  I also wish to focus my growth on the holistic skillsets required to better understand the customer and the impact on the greater picture.

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September 30, 2022