Luciann Leraul

Alumni (MLS 1973)



Professional Expertise

A good leader and highly effective manager in the areas of finance and accounting, human resources and operations, guiding professional service businesses and nonprofits.

What I Do and How I work

Use my team-oriented, collaborative approach to reorganize, add automated efficiencies, and increase clarity across finance and administrative functions while maintaining a happy work group.

Success Stories

• Planning and budgeting were bogged down in multi-office complexity, bad timing and software no one knew how to use. Using video conferencing, Citrix and a workbook primer everyone was calmed and able to deliver what was said to be the best executed planning and budgeting exercise ever. Furthermore, no one is dreading next year.

• A management committee/Board initiative to spend some significant sums over a long period was delivered to management without due diligence and “what-if” thinking. By asking questions and running some financial scenarios we were able to all get on the same page without rancor or embarrassment.

• I commonly see fraud possibilities in my work. Closing those loopholes takes a lot of tact so that staff does not feel disrespected.

• Developing a business strategy is not something we all know how to do or are comfortable with. Seeing “mission drift” in two instances, I brought out the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and donuts) analysis meetings. In one case the business thrived and in the other it closed in an orderly fashion.

• Revenue diversification is sometimes hard to achieve. The exercises involved in looking at the profitability of various existing or proposed revenue streams is straight forward enough. What is difficult is to solve a problem with tradition or hindsight as your principal opponent.

 Services Provided

• Planning and Forecasting

• Operations management

• Financial execution and management—accounting, billing, tax compliance

• Human resources execution and management

• Information technology organization and enhancements

Benefits Provided

• Organizational effectiveness

• Extensible experience (pattern recognition) drawn from my experience

• Cross-functional team leadership

• Peace of mind


MBA from Haas

Last updated:

February 26, 2021