Leanne Bradley

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


I'm especially interested in customer analytics and data visualization


For my undergraduate degree, I completed an applied math program at the University of Waterloo in Canada.  After graduation I spent 6 years consulting in Toronto, Chicago and New York.  My primary focus was financial and enterprise risk.  I built customized financial risk models for firms in many industries - insurance, energy, technology, etc.  In 2011 I moved to San Francisco and joined Wells Fargo to drive data and reporting in their Wealth Management division.  Recently I moved to First Republic bank, where I am leading data and reporting strategy for their Wealth, Brokerage and Trust groups.  Banks have been slow to move into the new world of data analytics, and I'm really excited to begin the MIDS program and build my knowledge.

Last updated:

February 29, 2024