Kevin Hartman

MIDS Student


Envisioning innovative solutions and outcomes through the creative use of data, technology and business strategy.


I am a solution and delivery-oriented service professional in the software industry. My passion is to create, streamline and drive processes that solve complex problems.

For the last 30 years I've defined, developed and delivered custom software for clients in a professional services setting. In the process I’ve built up an arsenal of experience and have mastered many concepts, including the ability to distill complex thoughts and processes into easy to understand terms and ideas.

The field of Data Science is a natural progression of the studies and interests I have worked toward in my professional career. I approach this knowing exactly where I’ve been, what I excel at most, what inspires me most, and where I want to go.

I’ve built dozens of solutions across different industries and business domains. Many involved mathematical fields of study, including models for price elasticity, market segmentation derivations, financials/forecasts, yield optimizations, and retention formulas. In these endeavors I learn domains quickly and thoroughly to a working-level expertise.

I have made steady advances throughout my career. I’ve developed many skills, picked up new technologies and approaches; I've worn hats of many different roles. I’ve been a developer, architect, manager, mentor, facilitator, solutionist, client partner, executive leader and coach. The goal for my career after completing the MIDS program is to continue envisioning and building innovative solutions for clients through the creative use of technology, and to inspire a data-driven culture every place that I go.


Last updated:

February 22, 2020