Joshua Chung

Alumni (5th Year MIDS 2021)


A 5th year MIDS student interested in machine learning, neural networks, and quantitative finance.


Data Science



My name is Joshua and I am a 5th year MIDS student, Bay Area native, and a machine learning enthusiast! I hope to develop professional skills and knowledge that can be applicable in any data science related field as well as develop strong connections with other like-minded individuals. Currently I am researching with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the field of Quantitative Finance and I hope to enter into that field in the future. With that research I am learning how to use Dask parallel computation packages, different dimensional reduction techniques, and writing a research paper.

Besides data science, I am an avid football fan and a fantasy football player. The intersection between sports and statistics is very intriguing and adds a whole new dimension to watching football games. I enjoy cooking and video games, as well as weight lifting. 

Go Bears!

Last updated:

September 26, 2021