Jose Zarate

MICS Student


Active Duty Soldier. Husband and Father of four. World Traveler.


Hello, my name is Jose Zarate but everyone calls me "Z". I've been serving in the military for over 15 years now, I'm looking at building opportunities for my family and myself, and Information/Cyber Security seem's to be the most productive and rewarding route.

I'm married to my beautiful wife Lizet, 11 years. I have four beautiful crazy kids, ages are 8, 5, 1, and an infant.

I have been to multiple countries around the world, voluntarily and involuntarily.

Fun fact about me, I was once ranked 60th in the world for Call of Duty (video game), it only impresses the gamers, but nevertheless, I look forward to knowing each and everyone of you, and just grow in this opportunity.

Last updated:

April 22, 2021