Jordan Fischer



International and domestic data security, technology, and data privacy law.


Jordan Fischer focuses her research on data privacy and cybersecurity, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to her teaching. Professor Fischer explores the convergence of the law and technology, researching the practical implications of regional data protection regulations within a backdrop of the global economy.  Professor Fischer applies her practical experience working with multinational companies to better understand the evolution of security and privacy within changing regulatory and legal frameworks to balance consumer and end-user rights with enterprise innovation and business efficiencies.

After receiving her JD summa cum laude from the Kline School of Law in 2013, Professor Fischer clerked at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg for Koen Lenaerts, who is now the president-judge of the court. 

In addition to teaching, Professor Fischer is the Global Regulatory Advisory and Compliance Team Lead at Octillo, a boutique international and domestic data security, privacy and technology law firm. At Octillo, she focuses her practice on international data privacy and cybersecurity and cross-border data management, with an emphasis in European Union data privacy regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation. Professor Fischer’s background in business and international data protection regulation enables her to provide critical legal guidance to balance business growth and development with data management, network assessments and best practices in cybersecurity. She also counsels clients on cross-border data management, including the complexities of discovery in international litigation.

Professor Fischer is a frequent presenter at domestic and international conferences and professional meetings, where she has been invited to offer insights on GDPR, cybersecurity, privacy law and cross-border litigation.

Last updated:

May 23, 2024