Johnny Yeo

Alumni (MIDS 2018)


I am excited to be part of the MIDS program, where I am hoping I will be able to develop an expertise in machine learning and building data-driven products.


My name is Johnny Yeo, and I am a former UC Berkeley undergraduate (class of 2013) and am excited to come back to Berkeley to hone my skills in data science. Prior to this, I worked in the recruiting industry as a data analyst, owning most of internal and external reporting responsibilities for Riviera Partners, a technical recruiting agency in the bay area. I really enjoyed my time there as the company transformed from a purely recruiting-oriented agency to a full-on tech company during my time there, and I learned a lot, from different technologies to a wide range of soft skills needed in industry to work together and get things done.

During my time away from work I am an avid basketball fan, and am a proud fan of the LA Clippers. I play basketball mostly recreationally now, and try to go to games every once in a while, especially when I am back in the LA area, where I grew up. I am also Christian, and would consider myself very actively involved in church. I help out at a college fellowship group on campuses in the Bay Area, and currently also help run youth groups in two local churches in the Bay Area.

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February 29, 2024