John Galvin

MIDS Student


I'm interested in modeling machine learning techniques after human cognitive mechanisms


Business Strategy
Data Science
Product Management


I have six years of experience using data to influence companies' strategic decisions within a variety of contexts. I collaborate with clients and stakeholders to break down complex business challenges into their component parts, structure and implement an approach to finding a solution, and distill and present insights from analysis of data to executives to influence decisions. I proactively identify business processes that can be accelerated and made smarter with data / technology and translate complex topics into understandable language.

I currently work at a law firm as a paralegal (just while I obtain my MS) on product liability cases, where I often find myself translating technical concepts about the technology (computer vision) that supports semi-autonomous vehicles to partners to prepare them for trial and depositions.

My interests include machine learning, applications of human neurological and cognitive mechanisms for machine learning techniques, computer vision, golf, skiing, mountain biking, and French Bulldogs.

Last updated:

May 29, 2023