Joe Klepich

Alumni (MIDS 2023)


I am all about healthcare! Currently focusing my research in non-invasive fertility monitors and neurosurgical medical devices.


Data Science


Hi everyone! I am a medical doctor (surgeon), electrical/computer science engineer and entrepreneur; as part of my day to day work, I use data to make accurate decision-making. My passion is to use data from patients, in order to transition from therapeutic  and palliative medicine, to a preventative one.

For the last 20 years I developed new  hardware and software platforms for such healthcare applications by working with Fortune 500  companies (Japan & USA) and co-founding two companies in the biotech industry (Canada & USA), along with a private practice in medicine. Recently I am focusing on clinical trials, clinical marketing and cloud solutions (business models) that allow women to take control of their fertility without the use of drugs to induce hormonal changes and patients living with chronic degenerative diseases like hypertension so that they can avoid acute complications like strokes. Data science has the  potential to evolve medical treatments resulting in a more democratized experience for the patient.




Last updated:

May 26, 2024