Jeya Seenivasagam

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Machine Learning and Statistical Visualization


Business Strategy
Data Science
Information Architecture
Product Management


My name is Jeyabarani. I am a full stack engineer, a mom and an aspiring Data Scientist. To me, Data Science is an art. It allows me to be creative with data and empowers me with insights. It also enables me to make informed choices both in personal as well as in professional front.

I am fascinated by the power of data based decisions on our everyday life. In my personal experience, I often find that data brings awareness on the problem and leads to personal transformation. 

I am also deeply passionate about influencing healthy food habits in my community. I aspire to be an Entrepreneur who can effect positive change for this cause. Developing my skills in data science is crucial in building sound judgement and would empower me in key decision making process and enable me to become the leader I am working to become.

Last updated:

June 20, 2024