jesse calvillo

Jesse Calvillo

Alumni (MIDS 2019)


Interested in real-world application of Data Science tools to business solutions


Business Strategy
Data Science
Project Management


My first career was in analytical chemistry where I worked for a decade in industry and government in the fields of agriculture, food safety, environmental, and conservation (museum) science. I spent 6 years as a Laboratory Director for a multinational company during which I built three labs, helped open up the United States market for them, grew my team from 4 to 45 employees (including 25 scientists), and realized that I loved not only applying data analytics tools to my own decision making --but helping others realize the full value of the information they have.

In 2017 I decided to join the MIDS program at Berkeley in order to pivot my professional focus from applied analytical chemistry to applied data analytics.

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May 16, 2022