Jeremy Bergdorff

MICS Student


My focus will be Cybersecurity as a whole, understanding complex attack vectors, and the protection of Industrial Control Systems.




I am currently active-duty Air Force with 19 years of service this year. After the completion of my Master's degree and retirement from the military I hope to bring my knowledge acquired here to CISA (Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency) under the Department of Homeland Security. I want to continue serving my country from a different avenue as the attack plane is now heavily in the cyber realm. 

I have vast experience working in teams with complex technology and platforms. As someone who will be specializing in cybersecurity, forgive me for a lack of personal information listed here. Reach out to me privately and we can have a discussion any time you like.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Information Systems that I received this year.

I have a heightened interest in encryption technology and cryptography in general. I want to research the current issues that ICS systems are experiencing to prevent a state side “Stuxnet” event. I am very excited to start learning and look forward to working with new and current students.


Last updated:

May 28, 2024