Jenny Lo

Alumni (MIMS 2015)


data-driven decision making, human-computer interaction, technology in developing countries.


I am a researcher at heart, with a passion for psychology, good product design and purpose. I am fascinated about drawing insights from complex data sets and analyzing patterns of behavior in online communities. At Berkeley, I hope to focus my research on data-driven decision making, human computer interaction, and technology in developing countries.

Graduated with honors from Wesleyan University, I majored in the College of Social Studies (a selective interdisciplinary program in the study of Economics, History, Philosophy and Political Science.) I completed my senior thesis titled "Social Change in Iran since 1963," which sparked my interest in the study of online social movements and networked politics.

Before coming to the School of Information, I worked in the social media and digital analytics field. I conducted media strategies, crafted online research design and methodology and participated in shaping the products and offerings of the company. 

Last updated:

March 22, 2023