James Reffell

Alumni (MIMS 2002)

302 South Hall


Product design, user experience, product management, and design leadership.


I'm currently Director of Design at Clever, powering technology in classrooms across the country.

Previously I worked at Ten-X, where I first grew and led a Product Design group supporting Auction.com and Ten-X CRE, and then led product for Ten-X Homes. In the past, I’ve designed for large companies like eBay and Yahoo, for mid-sized companies, and for tiny startups. I've worked as a solo practitioner, led teams of designers, and run my own consultancy helping businesses with design and product strategy. I have designed for the web, for mobile devices, and for desktop applications.

In all these roles, I most enjoy work that solves real problems for real people.

Last updated:

August 5, 2021