Jacob Wilson

Alumni (MIDS 2022)


I'm a student @ the UCB I School pursuing my Masters of Information & Data Science


Data Science
Software Development
User Experience Design & Research


I'm a passionate technology leader who likes to stay hands on with technology. No matter how my leadership role continues to evole throughout my career I don't feel like I can be a true technology leader without staying in the code and continuing to upskill myself. My journey as a software engineer began when I graduated the University of Colorado @ Boulder in 2006 with a dual major in Computer Science and Accounting. Computers and accounting, why not? Throughout my journey working in various technology consulting companies I have acquired a vast array of technology skill sets ranging from the bottom of the stack with hardware through various low level and high level programming languages although the .NET stack has always been my strongest area of expertise until the world of Python really took hold of the world. Given my passion for technology I've always tried to stay current with the major technology trends which has lead me to where I am today as the leader of our AI Lab @ PwC Labs. Over the past several years I have been self taught, with the help of others much smarter around me, in the areas of NLP and Machine Learning which has prompted my desire to further expand my knowledge and practice within the area of Data Science. So my journey continues with the I School as I pursue my Masters of Information and Data Science. After this I might try to break a few barriers with Quantum :-)

Last updated:

February 25, 2024