Ivana Albernas

Alumni (MIMS 2024)


Holistic technical education with an emphasis on sustainability and leadership


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My lifelong goal is to make the greatest positive difference possible in the world. I have used my strengths and passions for technology and people to lead the way. During the MIMS program I will further expand my technical skill set and learn from the ways our university makes a sustainable and meaningful impact on its communities.


I was born and raised in Miami, Florida by my Cuban and Puerto Rican family. I started young with a passion for technology, building computers and creating websites with knowledge I mined from library books and online forums. Having limited resources growing up, access to the limitless virtual world was fascinating and empowering. I converted this skill into a full-time career that I pursued while I studied International Business at Florida International University. In over ten years of professional experience I explored information technology, leadership and information systems management. I discovered that the people I interacted with along the way inspired me as much, perhaps more, than the work itself. Making the greatest positive impact possible in every role and organization I joined was a universal priority. I have led and been a member of several affinity groups that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within their respective organizations and beyond. Outside of these formal efforts, I have mentored several young professionals to broaden their opportunities and pave new paths toward success.

While technology and people are my primary passions, I am also a passionate cat mom, latin dancer, boxer, bookworm, investor and tennis player.