Hongsuk Nam

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning


I introduce myself as both a mechanical and electrical engineer and believe my experiences have given me both the depth and breadth of skill and experience to tackle challenges.

During my Ph.D., I have researched and developed nanofabrication technologies based on flexible, transparent thin-film materials. By integrating the knowledge of both mechanical and electrical engineering fields, I have successfully conducted research with lab-on-a-chip configuration. Consequently, I have developed a new plasma-assisted nanoprinting technology for scale-up applications and utilized the method to build various types of sensors for optical and electrical measurement systems. 

5-year clean room experience and CAD design followed with device characterization and data analysis are my primary strengths for the nanomanufacturing process technologies. Moreover, since I utilized various advanced thin-film materials for research, I have expertise in developing and characterizing them. 

After graduating MIDS program, I would handle model compression for deep learning networks for sensors with limited memories (e.g. smart home devices). Based on my hardware expertise and additional data handling capabilities, I hope to play a crucial role in raising the level of the IoT-integrated world one step further.


Last updated:

September 21, 2023