Gunnar Mein

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


Data science for scientific data, cloud computing, machine learning


Data Science
Project Management
Software Development


I am a technology and science educator. I was trained in physics, worked in commercial software development for a long time, dabbled in specialized recruiting, and finally found that I have most passion for guiding young people towards STEM careers. I still write software, but these days, it is with an eye on creating platforms for students to explore, and to use our unprecedented amount of computing power to put different spins on scientific explorations. At Eastside Preparatory School, I am striving to be the go-to person for every capable student who wants to master more, and more complex, material. I teach 5 classes in Computer Science, coach afternoon efforts in robotics, building a Farnsworth-Hirsch nuclear reactor, and repairing a scanning electron microscope. I believe that capable students need the opportunity to experience the real power of the science and technology disciplines early in life. I believe that the STEM portion of American high school education is woefully small. Most of all, I want to show students that serious results require serious investment. I want to help guide the next generation of scientific minds to ask lots of questions, trust that they can work out the answers, and keep society honest about science and technology.


Last updated:

June 23, 2024