Eshwaran Venkat

MIDS Student


Full stack data scientist with an interest in competitive intelligence, quantitative market analysis and geospatial study


Data Science
Software Development



I did my undergraduate study in Dubai, UAE and graduated with a bachelors in computer science & engineering from BITS Pilani in 2020. I've both interned and worked at firms like Wipro, Merck & Uber where I've served in engineering and analytics positions. I also have experience working as a data scientist for a cloud-kitchen based startup in Dubai that raised 15M USD on their seed round. After almost a combined 6 years of education + work in Dubai, I'm currently in Bangalore, India where I'm working on my own company full-time while taking the MIDS program. I'm the Co-Founder and CTO of a B2B SaaS startup called Dotlas (based out of Delaware) where we have a brilliant team helping restaurants, foodtech & real-estate companies expand their business operations using Data & AI. 

Toolkit & Projects

My work has always revolved around being a "full stack data scientist" meaning I get heavily involved in setting up a tech and data stack as a developer and data engineer alongiside my work in analysis. This has been a unique opportunity for me to get head-deep into a huge spectrum of skills from modelling, system design, software engineering, devops and more which enable me to experiment building a prototype -> iterate -> take it to production. I've also dabbled quite heavily on the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Geospatial Analysis side and also have some decent experience with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).


I joined MIDS during the Summer term of 2022, about the same time I moved back to India to work on Dotlas. I waived out of 200 (Python Course) and completed 201 (RDADA) and 203 (Stats) in my first term, 205 (Data Engg) and 207 (ML) in the fall term of 2022 and 261 (ML at Scale) during Spring 2023. After taking an academic break during Summer 2023, I completed 241 (Experiments) and 266 (NLP) during Fall 2023. I am wrapping up the program with 290 (Generative AI) and 210 (Capstone).

If you're part of the I-School and would like to get in touch, please feel free to drop a message on slack or email and we can setup a 1-1. 

Naturally, the program has been great so far and the time management between working on a startup and doing the program has been taxing, but rewarding. Nonetheless, I always make time for a call as I value getting to know folks and build long-lasting relationships. 


We're an early stage tech startup that's solving for market inefficiencies in the retail space and at large. We provide data & insights to business owners and enterprises to give them a competitive advantage in an industry earmarked with low margins and high capital expenditure costs. This involves everything from location intelligence which provides useful information about their hyperlocal geography; to competitive monitoring that clients can detect and react to market changes such as pricing, promotions, and so on.

We work on some exciting challenges in the data-space and our tech stack is all about channeling and coalescing data from a number of sources including the web, APIs, census, foot-traffic, social, news etc and model on top of it using machine learning and statistics to generate meaningful insights.  


Personal Interests

Off the top of my head: Formula 1, Legend of Zelda, Star Wars Canon, ASOIAF universe, Badminton, Board Games, Real Time Strategy Games, Simulators, Animated Movies, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Music of most kinds.

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April 19, 2024