Ernesto Oropeza

Alumni (MIDS 2021)


My interest in data science is focused on Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Science and Technology


I have more than 16 years of experience in the oil industry as a Geophysicist that allowed me to develop project managing skills and better understanding of the business behind the science. My programming skills and seismic data experience encouraged to pursue a new degree in the emerging field of data science at University of California Berkeley MIDS Program. I have completed different hands-on projects in data engineering pipeline, data visualization and machine learning.

Software development in Geophysics has been the major interest in my career. I implemented an algorithm to calculate seismic velocities automatically during my PhD project at the University of Texas at Dallas. I have developed different codes focused in solving specific problems for seismic data processing, imaging, and velocity model building from where I developed advanced programming skills. Also, I completed several projects in these areas focusing in the use and implementation of new technologies.

Last updated:

May 27, 2024