Emily Robles

Alumni (MIDS 2024)


Application of Data Science in Earth and Environmental Research


Data Science


Emily Robles is a Senior Research Associate in the Energy Geosciences Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She received her Bachelor of Environmental Sciences degree from UC Berkeley. Emily has expertise in the management and long-term preservation of environmental science data, with a primary research focus on challenges related to the use, sharing, and integration of diverse data types. Emily supports data-to-model pipelines within the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Tropics project as the data archive manager. On the Environmental System Science Data Infrastructure for a Virtual Ecosystem (ESS-DIVE) project, Emily has designed and implemented efficient workflows for data publication with the motivation of increasing data quality in the environmental science area. She is also working on promoting and expanding the adoption of standard methods of formatting data to enable advanced search and integration. She is experienced in building workflows for data and metadata curation, analyzing and evaluating data archive performance, and providing insight into data holdings and the scientific impact of data. Emily is committed to community outreach efforts towards data management best practices for diverse data types and data/metadata standards, and believes that effective data management and integration are key to unlocking the potential of environmental science data and enabling informed decision-making.