Dominic Delmolino

Alumni (MIDS 2017)


Interested in applying DevOps principles (transparency, repeatability, testability) to Data Science processes and results.


Data Science


A 25-year veteran of the IT industry with the last 10 years in the public sector, Mr. Delmolino has used his extensive knowledge of large-scale relational database architecture, design, and development to help clients realize the value of information in their operational databases. After graduating with a BS degree in Computer Science from Cornell University, Delmolino spent 10 years at Oracle Corporation focusing on database performance and scalablity for Oracle's largest clients. Leaving Oracle in 2000, Delmolino went on to be the Director of Database Development and Architecture at Network Solutions, working alongside leading edge developers building websites in support of the early days of hosted services. During his time at Network Soltuions, Delmolino worked as part of a cross-functional team releasing features directly to consumers on a continual, agile basis. After the sale of Network Solutions in 2007, Delmolino joined Agilex Technologies as a founding member of a unique consulting firm dedicated to helping the government work on IT problems using agile development principles. As a vice-president of technology, Delmolino helped make Agilex one of the fastest growing government contracting firms, with over $200M in revenue before its acquisition by Accenture Federal Services in 2015. At Accenture, Delmolino is a Managing Director responsible for Strategic Solutions in the Public Cloud and DevOps technology areas. A presenter and writer, Delmolino has presented at several Oracle conferences and blogs about DevOps at Accenture.com.

Last updated:

September 26, 2023