Dhaval Bhatt

Alumni (MIDS 2016)


Build Data Products


Dhaval is a Product Management professional with more than 10 years of experience at the intersection of product, analytics, and marketing.

Dhaval started off his career as an aerospace systems engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, where he led complex systems engineering projects like Boeing Dreamliner and NextGen Flight Management systems. Dhaval founded Niche Solutions in 2009 and worked on several web startups like nationally best-selling eCommerce stores, SaaS products, an industry leading cloud marketing startup, Neuro-cognitive thermogenic supplement development, and an innovative software-based wine-estate brokerage business.

Dhaval is a recent graduate of a Masters degree in Data Science at Berkeley and loves to hike, weight train, and travel with his spouse Tulsi.


Last updated:

June 20, 2019