Darragh Hanley



Deep Learning, Computer Vision, ASR, Cloud, Edge Computing


Darragh is a Senior Principal AI Engineer at Optum, with a focus on Deep Learning health data at scale. He has over 15 years industry experience with high volume data environments at companies such as IBM and HP. Within Optum, he has mainly been applying cutting edge techniques in diagnosing disease using Optum's wealth of clinical data, as well as other projects in the areas of claims and call center data.   

On, a Machine Learning platform with over 1 million members, Darragh is ranked as one of approximately 150 Grandmasters worldwide. He has received 2 wins and 7 top 10 positions, within areas such as recommender systems, image recognition and NLP. Check out his profile and some of the blog posts on his solutions.   

He has recently graduated from Stanford University with a GradCert in Data Mining and Applications and is currently studying for a Masters in CS, at Georgia Tech. He has a Bachelors in Math and Engineering from Trinity College, Dublin.  

Last updated:

November 24, 2020